Potting Mix

Potting Mix
Potting Mix

Potting Mix

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3L mix of our own indoor potting mix blend.

Why is this blend perfect for houseplants?
It contains a mix of potting components which aid in water retention so your plants get a good drink and don't dry out too quickly but also a ton of pumice which allows for good drainage to reduce risks of root rot. We also added a good amount of Kiwichar, which is an organic soil enhancer made up of charcoal. This helps increase the quality of the potting mix by saving water, retaining valuable nutrients, and increasing the health and performance of your plants whilst improving the soil ecosystem. 

What's actually in it?
Coco coir - is a high quality potting medium made from the husk of coconuts 
Potting mix - adds valuable natural nutrients and water retention
Pumice - increases drainage of the soil to reduce risk of root rot
Kiwichar - biochar or charcoal which optimizes the ability of the product to retain and purify water as well as make available associated nutrients
Neem Granules - acts as a growth promoter while also repelling harmful insects

Shipping flat rates;
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Nationwide $9.50
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Orders are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid weekend delays.

Plants are secured with biodegradable bags and packed in tight with newspaper. Pots are secured with ecofriendly bubble wrap or packaging materials we have received and like to reuse. We do our best to use ecofriendly products or reuse packaging we have received!

If any plants or products arrive broken or damage please contact as straight away with pictures so that we can sort out a replacement or refund if applicable.

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