Monstera Adansonii - Monkey Mask

Monstera Adansonii - Monkey Mask
Monstera Adansonii - Monkey Mask

Monstera Adansonii - Monkey Mask

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The Monkey mask is similar to the classic Swiss Cheese with the main difference being that typically the Monkey Mask has larger textured leaves and a more compact growth habit.

The Adansonii vine gets its name due to the holey leaves that resemble swiss cheese. It's not known exactly why the Monstera family develop holes but a few theories are that they increase surface area of the leaf to be able to take in those all important sun rays below the canopy or that the holes help strong winds and large raindrops travel through the leaves and reduces chances of damage. Either way and whatever they've evolved for, they look pretty dam cool and is what makes them such a popular houseplant!

Common name Monkey Mask
Scientific name Monstera Adansonii
Origin Central and South America
Growth height As a vine, these will just continue to grow. Prune to keep growth more compact and lush
Water Let soil dry between watering
Light Medium-bright indirect light
Toxic when eaten? Toxic
Nursery pot size 17cm
Top tip If you find you're getting lots of brown edges on your leaves - the problem may either be underwatering or lack of humidity. These guys are humidity lovers so if the air is too dry you'll get some browning!

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