Hydrogen Peroxide - Plant Care Pack

Hydrogen Peroxide - Plant Care Pack

Hydrogen Peroxide - Plant Care Pack

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Good Clean Health Co. have released this perfect plant care pack to keep your plants looking and feeling great!

1x Tote bag
1x 360 Mister spray bottle
1x 4L Oxygen Plus 3% H2O2
1x Essentials Oil for plants

Plus for every 4L carton sold Good Clean Health Co. donate 35 days of life-saving drinking water to projects around the world. Kudos!

Harmful chemicals aren’t necessary to grow healthy plants. Whether your plants suffer from root rot, fungus gnats, fungal infections, or you need a good disinfectant, Oxygen Plus may do the trick.

Oxygen Plus is not a fertiliser or pesticide, it simply supports plants with extra oxygen and promotes healthy growth without the need of harmful chemicals. Hydrogen Peroxide has been used in agriculture, organic farming, water treatment…. For over 170 years. You could say it is one of the best-kept secrets for plants.

TOP USES: Stop Algae in Hydroponics, Kill Fungus Gnats in Hydroponics, Root Rot Prevention & Treatment, Save Dying Plants, Seed Germination, Sanitise your Seeds, Help Root Growth, Disinfect Tools, Pots, and Greenhouses…

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Orders are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid weekend delays.

Plants are secured with biodegradable bags and packed in tight with newspaper. Pots are secured with ecofriendly bubble wrap or packaging materials we have received and like to reuse. We do our best to use ecofriendly products or reuse packaging we have received!

If any plants or products arrive broken or damage please contact as straight away with pictures so that we can sort out a replacement or refund if applicable.

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